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It is important to note that the list below is just some projects we have been involved in or are still involved in. It does not cover the weekly training programs that Logicool Solutions deliver. Please refer to Programs Delivered for an up to date list of programs being curretly delivered.

I try to keep this page up to date but to be honest it only happens when I have nothing else to do. It is extremely rare for me to have nothing to do. My wife makes sure of that.


Who Type Content Date     
National Food Industry Strategy Design/Consulting/Delivery

Value Chain Management

 This project involved three aspects.

1. The design and development of a interactive CD-ROM which would take participants through a knowledge program on the concepts of Value Chain management. The CD would involve knowledge and then interactive games to reinforce learning. The end result was an assessment of the participants Chain and the ability to further the program in a face to face mode. A real life case study was used and a series of small videos were shot to demonstrate the chain involving a wide range of stakeholders. Another series of videos were shot of experts in the field. I also designed a Value Chain Database which enabled participants to map the chain and record various KPI’s. I designed the CD, the key learning and the games. I wrote the script for the video and managed the video production team to complete the series. I conducted the interviews.

The concept I devised was to link value chain management to a team sport (Australian Rules) and use this to lead a participant through from the basics to the complex.

 2. The design and development of three follow up face to face programs including a mentor checklist and check sheets. After the CD participants were given a free training process and an expert mentor. I designed the whole process. This involved the amalgamation of five notable professor’s work in this field of agriculture into a coherent but easy to understand series of training and mentor interactions

 3. The deliver and pilot of the programs to ensure that they met the stakeholder’s requirements. This also incorporated a train the trainers conference to ensure that it would be successfully rolled out across Australia.

StorageTek Design/Consulting/Delivery

Design of the Diploma and Certificate IV in Storage Engineering Assessment Processes

A new training package had been developed to encompass the competency required by a data storage engineer at the diploma and certificate IV level. I was asked to develop the assessment process, procedures and checklists as well as the Frontline management aspects of the program.

This developed over four phases.

1. Designing a valid assessment process that met the needs of the client and would be approved by VETAB. I created the whole process which incorporated observation assessment, exams, self assessment and recognition. A storage engineer passport was created to keep the records

2. A series of workshops were conducted by me to gather the appropriate evidence related to the competency since I am not a storage engineer

3. Design of the Frontline management program to meet core requirements. This was blend of face to face and elearning.

4. Delivery of the program

Norfolk Design/consulting/delivery

COSMIC – Corporate Values

This was a complex training program designed to bring about an organisational change as Norfolk went public. The program was designed, in a very interactive way, to bring about a cultural change in how the organisation operated by utilising the five core values – COSMIC.
I was asked to put a proposal forward and an appropriate design. This was accepted and carried out.

This involved four distinct phases.

 1. The overall design and development of a four day program (one day over four weeks) which incorporated the five values and a series of interactive exercises to bring about a better understanding of Norfolk’s values as well as a change in participant behaviour.  I did the full design and development.

2. The design of a video to be utilised throughout the program to enhance the program’s effectiveness and provide examples of appropriate behaviour. I wrote the script and directed and acted in the video.

3. The design of a coaching program to support the participants throughout the training program and ensure that the COSMIC program was integrated into the workplace. I designed the coaching process and the Train the Coaches program.

4. The mapping of the existing COSMIC program to a Certificate IV in Frontline Management so that traineeships could be utilised. I did the mapping, designed the assessments and the procedures.

5. The piloting and testing phase which incorporated taking the entire senior management team through the whole program. Pilots were conducted in various states as well as in New Zealand.

6. The rollout design of the program across Australia and New Zealand and the hiring of 12 trainers to ensure the effective delivery of the program to over 5,000 employees.

Nov 2006
Macquarie University Consulting.Design Development, planning and design for a student portal to allow for Portfolio development and Participation Feb 2010
Learning Lab Design and Delivery

Diploma of Government (Project Management)

Design and deliver an interactive accredited Diploma of Government to a varied audience in a 10 week program. The program covered 11 Diploma level units and had to be integrated in such away to achieve the 10 week timetable while still achieving the competency outcomes. A case study was developed where the Olympics games were moved from India to Sydney in a 6 month timeframe and participants used the knowledge and skills acquired during the delivery segments to design an appropriate project plan. This was concluded with a one hour presentation on the program plan and its successful implementation.

June 2010 ongoing
CHEP Design Development of a range of online learning programs for compliance.
Fraud Awareness
Emergency Response
Incident reporting
Safe driving procedures
April 2012
 Meals on Wheels  Consulting/Design  Facilitating the amalgamations of Food Services in a range of operations throughout the State to bring about significant efficiencies and prepare the organisation for the changes that will occur in 2015  April 2012
 CHEP  Design  Design and development of a Face to Face program as well as an online learning program.
The program was a step by step process on how to use CHEP's Portfolio Plus system - Internationally.
 May 2012
 AIM  Design  Redesign of old Manage People Effectively program to incorporate more interactive learning material  May 2012
 RailCorp  Design Instructional design of revised Protection Officers program taking into account changes in procedures and policy. Design of assessment process.  July 2012
Jemena Gas Design/Delivery Instructional design of a fully customised FLM program for Jemena
Delivery of the program to managers/supervisors
May 2012 ongoing
Training AID Consulting Validation and advice on Certificate IV TAE program July 2012
Brother International Design/Delivery Design, development and delivery of a one program on best practice elearning design and use of Articulate
Half day refresher program
July 2012
AIM Design Complete redesign of 4 units of FLM Cert IV program. Face to face as well as webinar and self paced learning design. July 2012
EMC Design Instructional design of a new program titled Managing Virtual Teams Aug 2012
AIM Design Redesign of the Conflict and Influence Program (non-accredited) Aug 2012
AIM Design

Atlassian  - Awesome product manager,

Leadership in Government

Establish compliance systems

Manage compliance

Managing and implementing change

Motivation at work

New digital media program – Fairfax

Manage programs to promote personal effectiveness

RPL guide – C IV Training and Assessment (TAE)

Implementing sustainability across the business

The I assistant

Managing workforce planning

Manage people effectively

Build client relationships

Meals on Wheels Design Development of a online Food Safety Program with customised video content Nov 2012
Leighton Contracting Design Customisation of the FLM assessments to fit into the Leighton Supervisors program. Nov 2012
 RailCorp  Design/Delivery  Rewrite and restructure the instructional design of the Protection Officers level 2 program.
Pilot training.
 Nov 2012
 MOVE  Design  Design or three programs which explain the MOVE outdoor marketing system  Jan 2013
 AIM  Design  Development of a Tansport Officers Program, Senior Officer Program and Team Leader Program  Feb 2013
AIM Design Development of four day Leadership Essentials program Feb 2013
Leighton Contracting Design/Evaluation Review of the inhouse WHS program
Recommendations report
March 2013
 Leighton Contracting  Design/Delivery  Develop a leadership program
Pilot program
Ongoing delivery in Australia and New Zealand
 March 2013
 Leighton Contracting  Design  Design and Development of seven mini mentor sessions
# Clear Instructions for Clear Accountability
# Excellent PDR's
# Planning and Prioritising
# Role Balance
# Select the Right Channel
# Step up and Succeed
# Step up With Impact
 March 2013
 Department of Planning and infrastructure  Consulting  Development of a change management plan  April 2013
 Holcim  Design  Design of a three day program based on Frontline management for graduates  April 2013
Cenntenial Coal Desig/Delivery Design of a customised project management program for electrical engineers.
Delivery conducted in Lithgow.
July 2013
Eraring Power Station Design/Delivery Design of a customised Sustainability program and the deluvery of the program to WHS and Environment Staff Nov 2013
Western Health Consulting/Design/Delivery Design of a management assessment design and gap analysis program.
Pilot program conducted.
Oct 2013
Kaplan Design/Delivery Frontline management program Jan 2014
AIM Design Instructional design of Developing a Compelling Business Case program Nov 2014
AIM Design Instructional design of Report Writing program Nov 2014
AIM Design Instructional design of Social Media for Managers Nov 2014
Tank Solutions Design Instructional design of custom supervisor program (& delivery) Aug 2014
Wyong Council Design  Instructional design of customised personal leadership program for customer contact staff (& delivery) July 2014
South Eastern Sydney Local Health Design/Delivery Instructional design of customised performance management programs. Pilot programs conducted.
Train the trainer program conducted.
Delivery to health managers.
Oct 2014 - present
Nikon Global Design/Delivery Design of a training program to support the global implementation of Nikon's new Global Performance and Development program/system. Pilot training to Global HR conducted in Syd ney.
Delivery to Australian staff.
Oct to April
Coty International Design/Delivery Design of Coty Values and Competency Training
Design of Leadership Program
Delivery of both programs
April 2015 to present
Leighton Contracting
(Now CPB)
Design/Delivery Design and delivery of a customised C IV in Leadership and Management
Delivered across Australia and NZ
August 2015 to present
Design/Delivery  Design and delivery over a year of a customised C IV in WHS
Delivered in Griffith
Jemena Design/Delivery Design and delivery of a customised C III in Business to Schedulers and admin staff Oct 2015 to present
Jemena Design/Delivery Design and delivery of customised customer service and teamwork program for Gas Service Technicians Oct 2015 to present
Central Coast Council Design/Delivery Design and delivery of customised skill sets in the Business Asdmin, Project Management and Leadership areas 2015 to present
Central Coast Health Design/Delivery Design and delivery of customised skill sets in leadership and management 2015 to present
Kumho Tyres Design/Delivery Design and delivery of a customised program on team building and effective leadership 2017