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Logicool Solutions

More about us

Ok, so lets cut through the usual crap on this page about how great we are, how many years we have been serving organisations, how well qualified we are etc etc.

We're small, in fact there is only one employee. 

Hi my name is Darren Lott and I am the CEO (Chief Everything Officer). I do use a wide range of other professionals as required which makes my life easier. That's important to me as I enjoy doing a lot of other things besides working.

When I am working, I like to have fun with people I respect (I hope its mutual) and I like to do meaningful work. I've been working in the training, assessment, education and human resource management field for over 20 years and that basically means I have seen, heard and participated in some great programs and some really lousy ones. I don't want to be involved in lousy programs anymore. I am assuming you don't want to either.

To read more about me knock yourself out and have a look at my Resume here.
You can also check out my LinkedIn Profile here

If you want to see more meaningless photos of my life then you can access the gallery but I'd advise against it.